Day XXXVI in New Zealand

Day 36
Saturday 06 December 2003

Tonight we were visted by Santa Claus who put some candy into our shoes and he brought the wind with him. Wellington is well known for its wind with a speed of up to 120 km.. It´s often called "windy city".
Woken up by this wind we hoped our tent stood it. We were lucky but other people here at the campground had done better by searching a building instead of trying to stand the wind with their little tents.
We decided it would be better to flee before the storm and went to TePapa-Museum. We spent there more time as we thought. It´s one of most interessting museums we know unill today.
With information about animals, vulcanos, earthquakes, dinosaurs, Maori, goldsearchers and air traffic
you can get by pushing buttons made it easy to learn about and the kids had a lot of fun. Especially for children they had a discovery center where they could experience many things by playing. We tried to went for a walk in Wellington but the storm was too strong and we broke up.
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