Day XXXIX in New Zealand

Day 39
Tuesday 09 December 2003

After we had a long shower and a very large breakfast we packed our things and still had much time to get to the ferry. But then we realized it wasn´t so!!!
Damned! The check-in for our bike is at 8.30 am.We read it wrongly.
We left the campground and had to fight with the traffic jam. But no matter, we´re in New Zealand! We reached the harbour. They had waited for us and we were told that there are news for us. Ingo and Antje from Flensburg had left their telephone number waiting for us to call. We had to pay 30 $ for the check-in because we booked it via internet but there was no bike with sidecar and so we had booked a single bike. Frank put the bike on the ferry. He had to clench his teeth during the following crossing. Was it too much beer yesterday evening?!
When we were putting into Picton Harbour the South Island welcame us with a totaly different flair. After we had fish and chips we wanted to surprise our friends from Flensburg at Kaikoura.