Day XLIV in New Zealand

Day 44
Sunday 14 December 2003

We left Hanmer Spring while it was raining a little bit and went to Nelson Lakes. During the journey it started to rain cats and dogs and we couldn´t see anything of the beautyfull countyside with its mountains. We reached Lake Rotoiti /St. Arnaud and pitched our tent at a DOC-Campground while the sun was shining again. Wonderfull countryside, next to a beautyfull lake but many many SANDFLIES!!!
Uli fought with the flies but she lost. Frank tried out Spinning for the first time. It´s a special sort of fishing. You have to throw the bait with a controlled, relaxed move.
First attempt: OUCH!
The bait was on the way but it stopped at Franks little finger. Emergency operation by Uli. He tried it several times and it worked.
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