One day in New Zealand

Day 5
Wednesday 05 November 2003

Today is Wednesday 5th and we´re on the way to the harbour to get our motorbike.
We´re very looking forward to get it as soon as possible. The young women from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry who checks our eqipment for biohazard materials seems to be very nice. So long, so good, but what the hell is that?!?
The box which contains our vihicle is damaged at the top! We open the box and have to notice that there´s a little hole in the top of the sidecar, but the rest of the delivery seems to be okay.
The owner of the storeroom tells us: One box came and one box also disappears!
This means we have to carry the box with us!
Very funny, isn´t it???
We are lucky as he calls a forwarder to pick the box up, but that means we won´t get our bike before tomorrow.
Thank god that the box was built very solid. Probably it was handeld only by roughly men
because the iron at the bottom of the box was bent rectangularly!!!

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