And again another day in New Zealand

Day 7
Friday 07 November 2003

Today we left Auckland. While we were stowing our luggage away we had to recognize
that there was hardly space in the trunk of the sidecar left. We gave a letter from Wershofen up, which we took with us from a friend from Germany, then we went to the other side
of the city to get to an insurance office.
It´s not necessary to have any insurance for motorcycles in New Zealand but Germans like safety
and so we decided to do that precautiosly. We were very surprised how easy it was to fill out
the contract. All they wanted to know was:
- Make and model
- CC rating
- Value
- Who rides
- Address
Ready! It only took 5 minutes!
(In Germany you´re not allowed to start any engine without an insurance and sometimes it takes
hours to know how the rates are because they want to know half of your life before you´re allowed to sign the contract)
And so we left Auckland (not by bus). We went along the coast and arrived at Thames
in the early evening wehre we found a little campground to spend our first night outside.

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