The day after the 13th in New Zealand

Day 14
Friday 14 November 2003

We visited Waiotapu
and felt like one of these terror-tourists, thousands of whom you can meet in the Eifel every weekend. When we arrived at Waiotapu we were astonished at the Geyser, which was punctually prepared with a soap-type organic substance to cause the eruption.
After the guide explained the function of geysers, we went on with our walk through this unique geothermal area. We decided not to walk with the queue.
If it smells like that in hell, it´s recommendable to behave very well to find the way "upstairs". It was an impressive event. Where else can you feel the earth´ breath from this short distance? On the way back home Frank mentioned, that he thought there was something wrong with the bike. He checked it directly when we arrived at the campsite and he was right. The suspension strut was broken (it´s almost 3000 km old).

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