Day No 18 in New Zealand

Day 18
Tuesday 18 November 2003

Today we left Rotorua. Frank couldn´t stop dreaming about the supply of Land Rover Experience who did an offroad tour there.
We continued our route on SH 30 with a repaired suspension strut to Whakatane.
In Ohope we had a picknick break. We stood next to the main street where some young hoons cruised with their cars. They turned the volume up, put the girls on the back seats and had a lot of fun. One of them really passed us 19 times. Unbelievable.
We decided to camp in Opotiki. In Tirohanga (3 km behind Opotiki) we found a nice campground and after Uli flirted a bit we hadn´t have to pay the full price for one night.

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