Day No 19 in New Zealand

Day 19
Wednesday 19 November 2003

We used the SH 2 to Gisborne which lead us through the Waioeka river valley. Like the residents told us we only went half the way of the rout we wanted to do because of the potholes and the precipices. But Frank wanted to know it and we tried to get to the river bank. And imagine! Right! We stuck.
Nothing worked!
We got off the bike and tried to push it.
The result? Nothing!
Then we tried to swing it.
Same result!
We lifted the sidecar and put a stone under.
Result? 5 cm!
We repeated that and again 5 cm.
And again. 5 cm.
And again. It worked.

In the evenig we were very happy to cook with an oven. Most campgrounds have well fitted
kitchens. After dinner we brought the dishes back and had a chat with Robert, the owner of the
campground. After we went back to our tent we started to discuss about
a sentence Robert said:

"The prickles would go at the end of november."

Ulis translation: He means he will leave at the end of november.
(She talked with him about having a campground earlier that day)

Franks translation: He means Mr and Mrs Prickle will leave at the end of november.

We didn´t know that he ment thistles.

Well, we got to work out our English!

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