The 21th Day in New Zealand

Day 21
Friday 21 November 2003

After an usual chat with a landowner we want to leave to get to the East Cape which is the easternmost point of New Zealand (first to see the light).
He told us to be carfeul and slow because of the gravel road with free running horses and cattle. We assured to do that.
We passed several car wrecks while we were doing 90 or 100 kmh on the gravel.
After 700 stepst we had to climb to get to the lighthouse where we got into a sweat
we had a long break at the beach.
Eastland is one of the less populated areas of New Zealead. The wonderful Pacific Coast Highway allowes great views at the rough coast. This untouched area of the northern island is
deeply rooted with the Maori history. Most of the people who live here are Maori and they own more than 80% of the land.

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