Day XXVII in New Zealand

Day 27
Thursday 27 November 2003

We went from Gisborne through the interior country to Lake Waikaremoana. It was pissing down. This made the journey very dramatic and beautiful. This apocalyptic mood while beeing in this wonderful deserted wateland was a real adventure. Our way was lined by sheep and cattle watching us out of their eye sockets, clouds wrapping us, mountains were trying to crush us to death and gigantic trees extended their branches to us.
We reached Wairoa beeing soaking wet and we were picked up by the Salvation Army who helped us to get a real great meal (they told us where to find one of the best bakers of New Zealand and kept an eye on our motorbike while we were eating).
We moved into a cabin (with radiator) at Lake Waikaremoana. In the evening we went to the kitchen and met some anglers who were the first not to say:
It's amazing!
They welcame us with the friendly words:
You're mad!
After 1,5 liters of port wine, the situation was claryfied. We got invitations, help offers and a rainbowtrout. Lake Waikaremoana is in the Te Urewera Nationalpark and it´s surrounded by hills We felt like beeing in primeval times. No argiculture and such stuff. It´s one of the largest forested wilderness remaining in the North Island. There are many tracks and walks through this area which last from half an hour to eight days.
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