Day XXIX in New Zealand

Day 29
Saturday 29 November 2003

Today we left Lake Waikaremoana. We liked it so much here that we surely will come back.
The sun was shining when we reched Napier where we wanted to see the ArtDeco-buildings.
We went through wonderful landscapes but the last kilometers were boring and monotonous.
In Napier we were blown away by the prices of the campground and decided to went to Hastings hoping that it would be cheaper there. The price was ok, but the claimed cleanness and good condition of the camproung seemd to be from the opening days. In the evening we had to realized that we had put our tent directly underneath the most shining lantern and so we made plans to leave in the early morning.
The sun blessed us with a wondeful sunny day when we went to Napier on sunday and the atmosphere was great. We saw a young band who played celtic solstice music with bagpipes, electric guitar, bassgutar and drums. Very nice! Their name: Double Scotch.
Uli wanted to call Martin (the angler who welcame us so nicely at the lake).
He agreed to accompany us to a shop where you can buy fishing stuff. But first we spent some time at his home where we learned to know his wife Liz and met their son Tony again. (Hi!).
Then we went to the shop to become owner of this hunting weapon which has its origins in Old Henry. He was the trapper who apparently crossed the river without trousers and had more fishes at the rod than all other anglers catched by hand. APPARENTLY!!!!????
Well, we went on to Taupo.
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