I am Laura
and already three years old
By the way I think Im really tall!
I like to paint nice pictures and soon Ill vistit the kindergarden where I can play with my friends. I want to see the penguins in New Zealand
Hi, Im Malin
and Im almost
six years old.
I like to handicraft little things with a lot of glue.
I want to make
many new friends in New Zealand and visit the Glowworm Caves.
I want to become a veterinary one day.



Hello, Im Uli
Im 42 years old and the chief of expedition (like my family calls me). I´m our scout and try to keep us on the right way.
I like to read a lot so it wasnt difficult to prepare us for this journey with information from travel guides and the world wide web.Ill take many fotos to show you what we experience.
Im Frank

Im the 32 year
old guard of this harem
and Im very proud of it.
More information about me, my hobbies and the reason for this tour your can read here soon. Bye!