The first day in New Zealand

Day 1
Saturday 01 November 2003

Yesterday evening we were brought to Frankfurt Airport. The first funny situation we had
was as we checked in. The young lady behind the desk couldnīt unterstand that the little bag
was everything we took with us. After Uli told her that we donīt live there but going to spend
five month there she shaked her head disbelievingly.
We got on the plane and were very surprised. So much space, sofa-like seats with many extras. But unfortunetly we had to pass the curtain to get to our class. Even batteryhens have more space then we had. In other words: Without legs you wouldnīt have any problems.
Ok, weīre on holiday and for these few miles it will work!
We arrived at Tokio where we changed the plane. It was a Boing 747 too but with clearly more space. Otherwise they had to cut us out of the plane wehn we arrived in Auckland.

Arrival 9:00 a.m. in Auckland
We sat down and enjoyed the atmosphere, enchanted by the impressions
and realized that itīs exactly like often discribed: different air, different light, happy people
and a relaxed, friendly mood without any stress.

= holiday!

We were really speechless as we realized that we have incredilbly much time.

We went to our youthhostel by cab and after talking some time with the driver we didnīt feel
nervous because of the foreign language any longer. On Saturday and Sunday we went for a walk in Auckland.
We visited the harbour and Mount Eden.
A great thing is that the whole family can use all buses, trains and ships in entire Auckland
for 16 NZL Dollar. Auckland reminds us to San Francisco with all its hills.

Hello! This is the first day!
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