Day XXV in New Zealand

Day 25
Tuesday 25 November 2003

Hello, hello!
Now we have spent 3 1/2 weeks in New Zealand and we still canīt imagime that we still have got so much time. Sometimes we have to stop ourselves to remember not to go to fast.
Itīs very beautiful here. Sometimes the landscape reminds us to pictures or countries we already
saw (Ireland, Scottland, Pyrenees, South Seas beaches etc.) but with a different vegetation with palms and fern.
Till recently three days ago we asked ourselves where all those millions of sheep are but then we passed a few big farms and our question had been answered.
The people in New Zealand mostly are very freindly, they wave to us and grin when they see us. Sometimes we feel like travelling with a space shuttle. Itīs unthinkable to get out of a supermarket without talking to anybody but sometimes we donīt understand all of what they say because of their slang.
We met a farmer who had to go 40 km by gravel roads to reach his farm and he went into raptures when he told us about his valley. An old woman told us with tears in her eyes that she and her sister sat in the fathers sidecar in Wales when she was a little girl.
We donīt now in how many photo albums weīll appear, itīs uncountable.
When me meet a japanese tourist party we have to pose in front of our vehicle and the kids have to wave. On the campgrounds we have visited we met many people from all over the world and most of them spend 3 to 12 month in New Zealand.
Greetigs, and hope to see you soon,

Frank, Malin, Laura and Uli.

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