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Since my wife and me learned to know each other in 1994, we always spent our holidays with our bikes. We thought about what would be if we had some kids one day. The last thing we wanted to do was stop traveling by motorbike..In these days Manfred and Sabine, very good friends from Mechernich/Germany got their first child and a few time later they bought a sidecar.

Inspired by this and the fact that our first daughter Malin was born in January 1998 we started to search for a bike with sidecar. So we bought our first to try it out in Hockenheim. It was a BMW R80 with an oneseated sidecar. It was really great. People who didn´t like motorbikes at all started to smile when they saw us. Especially old people talked about former times and their adventures with their BMW.
We had to recognize very quickly that there wasn´t enough space in this sidecar for my wife and our daughter. But we had lots of fun.
We started to search intensivly for a bigger used one with more space. It wasn´t easy to find and so we thought about buying a brand new one but in view of the price of 25.000,- Euros (45,000,- NZD) it wasn´t really possible.
Hey folks, this is the beginning!
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