Our Vehicle
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We were offered a R 1100 GS via internet and tried to work out what we had to invest if we take a used motorbike. This investigation caused a lot of stomach ulcers. We had no choise except that the search had to go on. Luckyly we were succsessful and found an advertisement of a Yamaha FJ 1200 with "our" sidecar EML GT 2001. The price was absolutely ok and we were very curious about it. After a short night with restless sleep we called the owner in the early morning.

„Good morning Sir, I call you because of your advertisement in the internet.“
„Which advertisement do you mean?“
„The one of the Yamaha with sidecar.“
„It´s in the internet? Hmm, I only told my biketrader that I eventuelly want to sell it next spring.“
„Oh shit!!!!“
„Ok, I don´t know how the advertisement could appear, but when it´s already public you naturally can visit me and take a look at the bike. When do you want to come, ?“
„What about tomorrow morning?“
„???????What? Tomorrow?“
„??? Well, ok.“
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