Our Vehicle
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We assembled a Chassis from Wilbers, a different top where you can remove pieces according to the weather situation, the place of the radio, indoor lightning and additional sockets. Followed by heatable gas handles, a rear fog lamp, 3-point seatbelts, a tool box and cases from Touratech. The case fitted to the left side but not to the right so we had to cut and weld it.

We got the information that we should expect punctures because of the gravel roads in Nee Zealand. Our vehicle is not really a long-distance one, more for use on "normal" roads, therefore we had to think about our tyres. After a short search we assembled Michelin Agilis tyres which are normally used for vans. These tyres have extra solid sides and as winter tyres they are very coarsely. We hope this has an favourable effect for the air pressure.
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